Yet another 2FA plugin

Basically, its a fork of the jenkinsci/miniorange-two-factor-plugin with added TOTP Authentication.

The list of changes compare to jenkinsci/miniorange-two-factor-plugin:

  • Added TOTP Authentication
  • Changed reset 2FA functionality (Now it requests to authenticate via 2FA once again in order to reset a 2FA method)
  • Integrated Jenkins session termination (Now it revoke 2FA sessions as well, so user will be prompted to authenticate via 2FA once again)
  • Removed all banners related to the miniorange company

This plugin perfectly suits for the cases where you have a relatively small team (or just one person) and you do not want to rely on third-party identity and access management solutions or setup these solutions by yourself, but rather use the Jenkins default one.

Link: GitHub - chekist32/2fa-plugin-jenkins: The plugin that integrates 2FA with the default Jenkins user management system.