Why Jenkins LTS 2.375.1 installer says that my JDK 17 is not compatible?


That’s a great question. What is in the jdk-17.0.5 directory? it’s probably looking for a bin/java.exe and not finding it.

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Yes, the installer looks for the bin\java.exe and gets the application version to verify it is 11 or 17. If there is a valid install of Java 17 in that directory, you can create a log file for the install and post it here so I can take a look (I maintain the Windows installer for Jenkins). You will want to verify that is is no confidential information in the log file before posting it. You can find instructions on creating a log file here: msiexec | Microsoft Learn

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For some reason java got uninstalled from my PC. That was it.

Thank you very much. Java got uninstalled from my PC without my acknowledge. That was the problem. Java Home was still configured in system variables.


Ok, glad it was an easy fix.