Why is the build history entry represented as multi-line?

In jenkins 2.440, after the default installation, I created a project and executed the copy command with the Execute Windows batch command in the build steps.

Previously, the build history was single-line, but now it is multi-line.

Is it possible to change this?

I don’t think so, but you can create a bug or feature request in Jira. Please include a before and after image. (Or even better provide a PR)

Thank you for your feedback.

I checked again(war file),

In Jenkins 2.439, Build history is displayed as single-line by default,
Jekkins 2.440, Build history is displayed as multi-line by default.

I’ll ask Jira(?) if it’s a bug or a policy issue.

Jekkins 2.441, Build history is showing up as a single line again.
I don’t think I need to contact Jira(?).

I found something that is dependent on the browser environment.

Mozilla is the same as before(2.439(single), 2.440(multi), 2.441(single)),
In chrome and edge it(2.441) is still displayed as multi-line.