Where does Jenkins store users API tokens?

From version 2.129 Jenkins stores tokens as hash.
But how I can migrate them to new instance of Jenkins? Copying the users directory along with secrets is insufficient.
I currently use two versions of Jenkins: 2.426.3 and 2.401.3
On a new instance, I can create new tokens on behalf of users but I need to know them but I would prefer to copy them. I don’t need to know them.

Isn’t there a credentials.xml file in the JENKINS_HOME directory?

No, that file is only for credentials.
In /users/user/config.xml I see for token but copying this directory does not cause the token to appear in the user’s.

JENKINS_HOME/secrets (master.key, hudson.util.Secret, jenkins.security.ApiTokenProperty.seed, maybe others as well to get a 100% compatible) JENKINS_HOME/secret.key JENKINS_HOME/secret.key.not-so-secret (that one is maybe not required anymore)

All secrets from JENKINS_HOME and secrets folder have been copied :frowning: