When trigger job from consol output!


i have no idea if this is the right place to ask, if not please guide me!
i have the idea to use jenkins as a heat controler in my house, and have a couple of Raspberry PI ZERO W controlling my termostats via. bluetooth
just bought some bluetooth temp gauges and gotten them to connect and output to jenkins.
I use the SSH via. IP to the node and get this from the consol:

cd \MiTemperature2

./LYWSD03MMC.py -d a4:c1:38:27:a5:bd -r -b -c 1

MiTemperature2 / ATC Thermometer version 4.0

Please read README.md in this folder. Latest version is available at GitHub - JsBergbau/MiTemperature2: Read the values of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Temperature sensor 2 including custom encrypted format.
This file explains very detailed about the usage and covers everything you need to know as user.

Trying to connect to a4:c1:38:37:af:c8
Temperature: 22.5
Humidity: 45
Battery voltage: 2.907 V
Battery level: 81
1 measurements collected. Exiting in a moment.

MiTemperature2 / ATC Thermometer version 4.0

So how do i pass this information into a piece of code that triggers a job if the temp is under 20 and another job if its over 22?