When trigger job from consol output!


i have no idea if this is the right place to ask, if not please guide me!
i have the idea to use jenkins as a heat controler in my house, and have a couple of Raspberry PI ZERO W controlling my termostats via. bluetooth
just bought some bluetooth temp gauges and gotten them to connect and output to jenkins.
I use the SSH via. IP to the node and get this from the consol:

cd \MiTemperature2

./LYWSD03MMC.py -d a4:c1:38:27:a5:bd -r -b -c 1

MiTemperature2 / ATC Thermometer version 4.0

Please read README.md in this folder. Latest version is available at GitHub - JsBergbau/MiTemperature2: Read the values of the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Temperature sensor 2 including custom encrypted format.
This file explains very detailed about the usage and covers everything you need to know as user.

Trying to connect to a4:c1:38:37:af:c8
Temperature: 22.5
Humidity: 45
Battery voltage: 2.907 V
Battery level: 81
1 measurements collected. Exiting in a moment.

MiTemperature2 / ATC Thermometer version 4.0

So how do i pass this information into a piece of code that triggers a job if the temp is under 20 and another job if its over 22?

Why not use tooling that already exists for this like home assistant?

It does not work as entended, Jenkins does :grinning: