We want to parse a file and represent its values in graphical format

We are using jenkins version. The requirement is to parse a file and represents its values in graphical format. We are using plot plugin to do that first we tried to load .csv file but it has known bug where the first row of the csv file is plotted, this may be changed in the future. The csv plugin expects the first row to contain the column names, and subsequent rows to contain the values to be plotted on a per column basis. please guide me on how to use load properties file in graphical format and if possible please paste the sample property file.

If plot plugin is not the right choice how can we parse a file with values in graphical representation

Hello @Akhila and welcome to this community :wave:

This plugin is up for adoption, if you know how to solve the bug, it’s time to submit a pull request. :wink:
You could also use directly Groovy libraries to read the CSV and produce the graphs.

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