Warnings-ng-plugin pagination is not working

Jenkins: 2.440.1
Warnings Plugin: 11.2.0

Hi, we use the warnings-ng-plugin to record warnings from gcc and msbuild. The plugin captures the warnings ok and reports the total number, but pagination of the display is not working as expected.

For example, one project has >300 warnings and 96 entries, ‘entries per page’ is set to 10, but only 1 page is offered. If I change ‘entries per page’ to 25, 4 pages are offered.

Does it work for you here:

Do you have errors in the Browser Console log?

@uhafner Thanks for your reply. It works fine for the link you specified.

There are no errors in the Browser Console Log.

Which version of the DataTables plugin do you have installed?

DataTables.net API Plugin: 2.0.1-1

Ok, this is the correct one. I have no idea what is broken in your setup.

Ok, thanks for your response. We have a long running issue with the Snippet Generator that doesn’t work with warnings-ng. I think that is associated with our nginx configuration. Maybe that is also affecting the pagination. Anyway, let’s close this thread.

The DataTables team has fixed an issue in DataTables 2.0.2.

I released the Jenkins wrapper as Release v2.0.2-1 🎁 · jenkinsci/data-tables-api-plugin · GitHub. Maybe this helps.

I updated to DataTable 2.0.2-1, but the problem remains.