Warnings Next Generation Plugin - gcc parser differences?

The analysis-model that supports the Warnings Next Generation Plugin appears to offer several gcc parsers: ‘gcc’, ‘gcc3’. We use ‘gcc4’ which is not listed here.

What are the differences in the gcc formats? Which should be used with gcc v.11?

It is gcc. It covers the format of all post 3.x releases.

I think gcc now also supports SARIF, which is another option.

@uhafner Thank you for your reply. I am now using this command in my declarative pipeline:

recordIssues minimumSeverity: 'HIGH', tools: [gcc(id: 'centos7-scl-11-warnings', name: 'Centos 7 scl 11', pattern: 'centos_7_scl_11_build.log')]

There are 3 gcc warnings in the pattern file, but the graph has dropped from 3 to zero. I want to show the total number of warnings, not the number of new warnings, i.e. the graph should be 3 continually. Do I need an extra setting?

Are there 3 warnings shown in the table as well? The chart shows the warnings total. Or do these warnings use a severity of NORMAL?

It would help me if you can show a screenshot or the log messages of the warnings plugin (click on the (i) icon).

@uhafner I’m sorry, I’ve just realised that my pattern file path was incorrect. I expect it will be ok now.

Thank you for answering my original question. I will mark it as the solution.