Hi , I am trying to use vncViewerBuildWrapper in my jenkinsfile , but it fails with below error
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: no known implementation of class jenkins.tasks.SimpleBuildWrapper is named VncViewerBuildWrapper

am using it like this
wrap([$class: ‘VncViewerBuildWrapper’]) {
// wrap([$class: ‘Xvnc’, takeScreenshot: false, useXauthority: true]) {

Can you please help me on this ?

Do you have the vnc plugin installed?

I would recommend using the “Pipeline Syntax” generator on the sidebar of your pipeline. It’ll let you generate code based on what you have installed.

Thnks @halkeye , sorry for the delay …
i am able to do this from UI , but not using jenkinsfile commands , checked the pipeline syntax generator too , even that didnt have this vncViewerBuildWrapper.