User Experience SIG - March 1, 2023


Mar 1, 2023 - Keyboard nav, Work in progress, User feedback

  • Attending

    • Mark Waite
    • Tim Jacomb
    • Sayantan Mondal
    • Adrien Lecharpentier
    • Alexander Brandes
    • Cristina Pizzagalli
    • Jake Leon
    • Antoine Neveux
    • Kevin Martens
    • Ullrich Hafner
  • Topics

    • Improve keyboard usability - Cristina Pizzagalli
      • CloudBees wants to achieve WCAG AA compliance
        • Found some issues in Jenkins that need to be fixed
        • Accessibility changes need some best practices so that upstream changes in Jenkins can be used easily elsewhere
      • Accessibility issues have been a long list in an Excel file
        • Navigation and breadcrumbs and sidebar
        • Accessibility audits frequently hit a problem with keyboard nav
      • Better to improve the keyboard navigation using accessible device
      • Breaking into phases
        • Framework navigation with breadcrumbs, sidebar, etc.
        • Tend to walk through ideal path, then get stuck in navigation
      • Cristina happy to create keyboard navigation tickets in Jira
        • Needs to also handle a CloudBees internal process to include
      • Would want someone that tests the Jira issue to confirm it
        • Mark review the steps with Cristina for ticket
      • Problem only in Jenkins core or also in plugins?
        • Core issues are likely a barrier to block access to plugins
        • Later phases will look at plugin improvements
    • What’s happened recently in UI improvements
      • Pipeline graph viewer improvements
    • What’s coming in UI improvements
    • Deprecation of Jenkins Javascript libraries (js-libs: ace-editor, momentjs, etc.)
      • Now deprecated, removed, everything is working fine
    • Work in progress:
      • Simplify setting names
      • card layout for mobile
      • feature flags > Can be discussed in next meeting
    • User feedback
      • Feedback in the I’m disappointed post on community
        • Next steps: Uncertain, quite a bit of work, resources? For now, identify most pressing issues, create Jira ticket for highest priority item, include info/mockups/suggestions/label appropriately
        • Discuss on Gitter before creating ticket, draft pull request for early feedback
        • After discussions in Gitter, bring up in next meeting for follow-up
      • JENKINS-70394 resolved, major issue to control node status

I’m so happy to hear contributions are happening. I am so so happy that we decided to mention the plugin in the official documentation as a starter alternative to blueocean.

@Cristina Pizzagalli

We have analytics for, but having analytics on an appliance is really hard, we have anonymous opt in analytics for server data (what version of java, plugin usage, etc), but no users of jenkins themselves.

I’m so disappointed in the tone of the post, but am happy that it was useful feedback for people.

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