User Experience SIG - January 4, 2023


Video Index

  • 00:50 - Security reviews for UX pull requests
  • 02:46 - Collecting feedback on UX regressions
  • 10:47 - Recent UI improvements
  • 26:19 - Upcoming UI improvements
  • 29:25 - Pipeline graph view improvements

Meeting Notes

  • Topics
    • Security reviews for UX pull requests - Tim
      • Working well, only 1 that is awaiting review
    • How to collect general feedback on UI/UX regressions?
      • Jira issues? - currently using the regression label to flag all regressions
        • Adding regression label before an issue has been triaged
          • More efficient for the project if the submitter bisects the regression to find the exact change that introduced issue
          • Using the ux-untriaged label to indicate that bisection is needed
        • Continue encouraging small commits
        • Basil willing to help others if they would like to bisect faster
          • Mark and Kevin have a session with Basil to document the technique
      • Add new issues with appropriate labels
      • Cleanup old issues
    • What’s happened recently in UI improvements
    • What’s coming in UI improvements
      • YahooUI further removal steps in progress
        • Some context menus to use Tippy instead of YahooUI
        • Acceptance tests passing, found and fixed some keyboard issues
        • Not all context menus, but incremental improvements
    • Pipeline graph view plugin continues to evolve
      • November work improved in several areas
      • Available on, use it
  • Deferred to future meeting
    • User feature flags status report - Wadeck Follonier
    • Improve keyboard usability
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