User Experience SIG - Dec 8, 2021


Ullrich Hafner (@uhafner) , Tim Jacomb (@timja), Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Jan Faracik


  • JEP-234 Customizable Jenkins header status
    • Included in a Jenkins weekly, available in Jenkins 2.33x LTS line in ~3 months
  • 2.319.1 LTS status - Mark Waite
    • No major issues reported, looking good
  • UI plugin - prism for source code highlight - Ulli Hafner
    • Used in warnings ng and in configuration as code
  • Upcoming UI improvements - Tim Jacomb
    • Fixing test failures in the updates
    • Jenkins form tree is fragile, easily broken
    • Main form improvements PR has a single test failure
    • End up bisecting the pull request to identify the root of the failure
    • Section headers on a job page had to be adjusted
    • ATH failures need more investigation
  • Buttons PR
    • In a fairly good state
    • Some questions on the “Advanced” button, not a blocker
  • Plugin manager
    • Additional improvements being discussed
    • Conflicts resolved today
    • Could ship it once we’ve checked bom and pct
    • Plugin manager needs to check ATH and bom are passing
  • Form modernisation is the larger change
    • Needs ATH evaluation
  • Validation improvement
    • Button placement improvement
  • Job configuration that needs form modernization first
    • Screen width fix
  • Next meeting date - Mark Waite
    • Ulli out for two weeks during end of year
    • Jan 19, 2022 the currently scheduled
    • 2.319.2 releases Jan 12, 2022