User Experience SIG - Apr 26, 2023


Apr 26, 2023

  • Attending

    • Mark Waite
    • Jan Faracik
    • Jake Leon
    • Antoine Neveux
    • Cristina Pizzagalli
    • Alexander Brandes
    • Tim Jacomb
    • Kevin Martens
    • Ullrich Hafner
  • Topics

    • What’s happened recently in UI improvements
      • Prototype.js removal has started - lots of work to do in small steps
        • Many of the issues are small, well suited to new contributors
      • YahooUI removal progress - Drop down merged and released in 2.402
        • Congratulations on the merge
    • What’s coming in UI improvements
    • Improve keyboard usability - Cristina Pizzagalli
    • Collapsing the side panel
      • Prototype removed the side panel entirely
      • Jan considered hiding the side panel on mobile or collapsing it
        • Not currently looking at
    • Notifying users of end of life - Mark Waite
      • Concept of an admin monitor with multiple messages that depend on a date and the presence of a file and its content
        • Different messages depending on the date
        • Admin monitor reopens after date even if closed before date
        • Mark to submit a pull request to Jenkins core with the idea