Upgrading the persistent volume of Jenkins through helm charts

I’m working on Upgrading the persistent volume of Jenkins through helm charts. Manually modifying the helm chart(values.yaml) file is working fine but i’m working on other ways to modify the helm charts, So I have installed jenkins using helm charts there are pre defined repos in my org i installed using the docs, It’s installed successfully so now i want to increase my persistent volume using existing values.yaml file which i used for deploying jenkins… Is it possible to add updated config in values.yaml file.? How do i add those configurations.? I tried adding these steps in the existing helm charts -jenkins-values.yaml file ----
enabled: true
storageClass: standard
annotations: [storageclassclass]: “true”
[addonmanagermode]: EnsureExists
accessMode: “ReadWriteOnce”
size: “12Gi”
volumes: - name: pvc-2fa71a4a-86cc-4f17-9aa7-7a81638db64d
emptyDir: {}
mounts: -
mountPath: /var/jenkins_home
name: jenkins-home

Can anyone suggest to me is this the right way? or do i need to add some other annotations, attributes, labels in the values.yaml file…?

Attached my existing values.yaml file –

Change the following image and tag to our GCR wherever we’ve pushed the Jenkins image with all plugins

image: “gcr.iolz_jenkins”
tag: “2.319.3-SNAPSHOT”
imagePullPolicy: “Always”

Plugins should already be packeged into Jenkins image

installPlugins: false
overwritePlugins: true
overwritePluginsFromImage: false

serviceType: ClusterIP
cloudcom/backend-config: ‘{“ports”: {“8080”:“jenkins-iap”}}’
cloudcom/neg: ‘{“ingress”: true}’

this are the lines i updated in these values file

enabled: true

A manually managed Persistent Volume and Claim

Requires persistence.enabled: true

If defined, PVC must be created manually before volume will be bound


jenkins data Persistent Volume Storage Class

If defined, storageClassName:

If set to “-”, storageClassName: “”, which disables dynamic provisioning

If undefined (the default) or set to null, no storageClassName spec is

set, choosing the default provisioner. (gp2 on AWS, standard on

GKE, AWS & OpenStack)

storageClass: standard
storageclass-class: “true”
kubernetesio/mode: EnsureExists
accessMode: “ReadWriteOnce”
size: “12Gi”

  • name: pvc-d5ad8b03-2e07-4c93-b596-ccf5c1999f09
    emptyDir: {}
  • mountPath: /var/jenkins_home
    name: jenkins-home

enabled: true
hostName: jenkins-lz-ma.globalpay

jenkinsUrlProtocol: https
jenkinsUrl: jenkins.jenkin.svc.cluster.local:8083
jenkinsTunnel: jenkins-agent.jenkins.svc.cluster.local:40000

authorizationStrategy: |-
- “Overall/Administer:yeswanthmallam14@gmail.com”
Some other administrator settings.
Hope you got my point and provide me the solution…
Thanks in advance!!

PersistentVolumeClaims is something very core to kubernetes and your specific kubernetes provider. Most providers won’t let you change a PVC after its been created. I recommend you look at the docs for your kubernetes providers to see what your options are. The easiest will be delete the pvc and re-create it though.