Upgrade 2.164.2 to 2.375.2, BitBucket webhook stopped working


We recently upgraded Jenkins from 2.164.2 to 2.375.2, BitBucket webhook stopped working.

BitBucket reports “X-Squid-Error ERR_CONNECT_FAIL 111”.

If i revert back to 2.164.2, the webhook works, so the post is being sent from BB.

We have the BB plugin installed and the jobs were migrated from 2.164.2 to 2.375.2.

Any ideas?


Squid is a proxy. It seems odd to be causing issues for a webhook. I would recommend talking to your network teams.

Also you upgraded like 4 years of jenkins. I don’t think anyone tests that level of upgrade path. I would recommend looking very carefully though the jenkins upgrade guide.

It was user error, we were missing the 443 settings in the Jenkins.xml file :frowning: .

Anyway, all fixed now.