Updates.jenkins.io redirects to mirror.yandex.ru

Version 2.440.3
During plugin update or new plugin install there is this:

java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Connect timed out
Caused: java.io.IOException: Failed to load https://updates.jenkins.io/download/plugins/ansible/403.v8d0ca_dcb_b_502/ansible.hpi to /opt/jenkins/home/plugins/ansible.jpi.tmp
	at hudson.model.UpdateCenter$UpdateCenterConfiguration.download(UpdateCenter.java:1334)
Caused: java.io.IOException: Failed to download from https://updates.jenkins.io/download/plugins/ansible/403.v8d0ca_dcb_b_502/ansible.hpi (redirected to: https://mirror.yandex.ru/mirrors/jenkins/plugins/ansible/403.v8d0ca_dcb_b_502/ansible.hpi)

What is going on? This is from 2 different regions (VPN on and off), so its on jenkins side.

Started working. Fixed I guess :slight_smile:

The yandex.ru mirror was added last week. Unfortunately, some internet service providers or corporate firewalls block access to hosts in Russia. Earlier today, the yandex.ru mirror was switched to be a country specific mirror, so it is only used for requests from Russia.

The following URL will show the mirrorlist for the Ansible plugin from your location:


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Look at this topic here: [get.jenkins.io] provide a mirror for Jenkins Russian users · Issue #4147 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub