Unable to install SSL in windows server

While connecting to Jenkins using http://:8080 Jenkins is working fine. However while changing to https://:8443 (or 443) we are getting error as "Windows could not start the Jenkins service on Local computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

Hello @Sandesh1992 and welcome to this community :wave: .
How did you start Jenkins? Is it running on top of Tomcat or just by itself?

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As mentioned the Jenkins is installed using windows MSI file 64 bit. This was started by itself. And we have not installed using tomcat or IIS.
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As far as I know, with a standard installation of Jenkins on Windows there is no https service started.
You just have the standard http service on the port you configured. :blush:

I could be wrong though.

Hi @poddingue

Thank you for the confirmation. I looked online as well, but I was unable to locate any relevant information or videos.

Thank you

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