Trying to execute jnlp-inbound in in-house Kubernetes cluster, but it keeps in ContainerCreating, due to MountVolume.SetUp... no space left on device

Hi all,

I’m trying to get my head wrapped around using the Kubernetes Plugin to deploy agents on a local Kubernetes cluster, but I never can get past the jnlp-container having a State: Waiting → Reason: ContainerCreating

The event log keeps telling me that a mount failed.

I have verified that I am indeed not short of available space.
Cleaning up, using docker system prune --all --force does not help

I am running this on a vanilla kubernetes setup v 1.28.2. The Jenkins instance I am trying to execute the jobs on, is running on the cluster, and has no issue accessing the volumes.

I am using Jenkins v.2.423
The (currently) latest in all plugins

How do I debug this issue?

Are you certain that kubernetes is using docker as its backend? If it is not, then pruning docker is not going to have any effect on disk space.

I am quite certain I am using docker.
Executing docker ps on any node, shows
The containers running kubernetes “stuff” as expected.