Trying get_running_builds() with Jenkins Python always fails with the exact same error

Using Python’s Jenkins library, we are able to get certain functions working such as jobs_count() and get_info and others. So this suggests we have the correct url and auth measures. However the function get_running_builds always fails with this error;

equests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url: {JENKINS_URL}/computer/api/json?depth=0

some info we are using Python 3.8.9, Jenkins server version is 2.319.3

Seems like the library has some problem getting a list of your active nodes.

What does get_nodes() return?

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Hey thank you so much for your response.

here is what I get running get_nodes(). I take it we need to be running one of these other nodes?

[{'name': 'Built-In Node', 'offline': False}, {'name': '', 'offline': True}, {'name': '', 'offline': True}, {'name': '', 'offline': True}, {'name': '', 'offline': True}, {'name': '', 'offline': True}]
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