Too many running remoting java apps

I searched the internet but I haven’t found a solution yet. I found some similar answer about jenkins memory but they are not was I am looking for.
I am running a Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS VM as a slave for a jenkins server in order to build some tests. When slave (VM) is operating after a clean restart, system is performing well. After some days and some jenkins builds, I notice high Memory usage on the slave (not the master) which is cause by running too many JVM processes. For example at htop i notice 25 entries like:
3210 user20 0 5574M 105M 28448 S 0.7 1.3 6:22.00 java -jar remoting.jar -workDir /home/users/test -jar-cache /home/users/test/remoting/jarCache
You can see that each entry consumes 1.3% of memory, so I have 25*1.3=32,5% memory.
The problem is that when these entries appear, no build is running on jenkins, so it appears that these processes are never terminated. Overall, with no job running, my VM appears with 90% Memory Usage.
Any help?