Skip the scan of old git tags?

Hello, I’m facing an issue trying to work with a large repo with many branches and tags. I know that the main problem probably is “clean the repo” but as often happens the cleanest solution is not an easy option with the given conditions.

I have a multibranch pipeline job that has to handle the builds of a bitbucket cloud repository.
I correctly setup the plugins (bitbucket & bitbucket source branch) and this works without issue even for other repositories. My problem is that in this repo we have ~200 tags and we are interested in discovering them with jenkins. if I try to use the webhooks for each commit (so even when I’m not pushing new tags), then I easily reach the api limits given by bitbucket due to tons of requests during each repo scan. This happens because each scan looks for changes in all the tags of the repo.

I tried to look around before coming to ask here because I don’t like to ask if I didn’t do an effort before.
Here I found this presentation by Mark Waite that suggests to not discover tags. I’m not sure if this is the only option or not.
I also found these issues (https - ://, https - :// and others very similar related to my problem, but none of them has really done any progress recently.

So the question is: Is it there any way to filter from the scan all the tags older than a certain date? This would give a way to keep the same logic we have for this multibranch job but avoiding to have long scans that entirely slow the build process.
Thanks in advance to anyone that may help!

P.S. I broke the URLs because of the limit for new users posting