Seeking Advice: We have too much compute, not enough jobs!

Hi Jenkins Community!

I’m reaching out as the Founder of for advice from the community, any feedback or thoughts on our startup/product would be invaluable! We’ve built a network of 10k+ GPU equipped nodes that essentially form a cloud of spot instances, and atop this we’ve built a managed container service. The catch is that our cost of compute is less than half hyperscale cloud.

I’m exploring whether our growing cloud would be of interest to the Jenkins community as a super cheap computing resource for CI/CD jobs. It seems there is plenty of free CI/CD services available for open source jobs, so perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree here?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated! You can get me at, or right here :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

We’d love to have a conversation about ways that your company’s systems could be helpful for the Jenkins project. If a meeting is easier, you could join the Jenkins infrastructure meeting that happens each Tuesday. We’d love to hear a presentation of your ideas and a discussion of the alternatives.

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Mark, great! Yes I’d love that, thanks for getting back. A team member and I will aim to join this week or next. I couldn’t see how/where to join, so please let me know and I’ll confirm when we’ll be there. Looking forward to the conversation!

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