Ruby Metrics Plugin Jenkins

I am using Ruby Metrics Plugin in Jenkins with in the pipeline and not able to see graph its only showing Rcov Report in Jenkins UI

RubyMetrics Plugin version -1.6.5
Jenkins version 2.240.1

Code snippet : step([$class: ‘RcovPublisher’, reportDir: ‘coverage/rcov’, targets: [[$class: ‘hudson.plugins.rubyMetrics.rcov.model.MetricTarget’, metric: ‘TOTAL_COVERAGE’, healthy: 80, unhealthy: 70, unstable:50], [$class: ‘hudson.plugins.rubyMetrics.rcov.model.MetricTarget’, metric: ‘CODE_COVERAGE’, healthy: 80, unhealthy: 70, unstable: 50]]])

Maybe it helps if you provide a screenshot and describe in more detail what is missing.

The plugin seems to be very old and not maintained anymore. I wonder if it makes sense to include the code coverage data into the GitHub - jenkinsci/code-coverage-api-plugin: Jenkins Code Coverage API Plugin?