Rest API to update jenkins user password

I am looking for rest api to change user password in Jenkins. Jenkins web console ‘Configure Global Security’ webpage provide change password feature. I am looking for a rest api to achieve same password change.


If a user is an active directory user, it’s password is managed by active directory, why would jenkins be able to manage it’s password?

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if the AD user password is changed then in Jenkins ‘Configure Global Security’ web page the user bind password also needs to be updated.

I was checkng is there any Rest API to update user password in Jenkins so that the password update done via ‘Configure Global Security’ can be done using api.

oh you mean updating the password for the integration, not updating a specific users password.

There’s no direct api that i’m aware of. You can probably hack something through posting to script console.

I personally would recommend using configuration as code so you can push changes including password changes.