Replicate projects and jobs from master node to agents

Hello community, I hope everyone fits well. I tell them, I have a master node and 2 scalfs. what I want to do is a Jenkins of high availability where I want to replicate the 250 projects that I have in my master to my slaves, that every time I generate a new project in my master node ete is replicated to the 2 slave nodes Since currently with the initial confirmation, I command to compile (I already define the label of my cluster in the task) only the workspace is generated in the remote FS but not the complete job. Some recommendation that I could make to replicate the projects and information of node 1 to the slaves (without running the projects 3 times, since I do not want the master node to run a compilation and in the 2 slaves to run again)

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As a reminder, the term “slave” to refer to an agent has been deprecated since 2016. Please refer to On Jenkins Terminology Updates for more details. We request you update your post.

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That does not really make much sense as agent nodes are not “standby” jenkins machines, having a backup on agent is not any different from having backup on any other system. Really, what you probably want is a good filesystem backup solution. There are many, many ways to do this, from a simple rsync, to COW and other filesystems that handle it for you to anything in between. There is no reason to actually get Jenkins involved with this.