Putting tests into quarantine

Hi! A few tests are constantly failing in the build. Instead of disabling or removing them, we want to put these tests into quarantine, so that they don’t create much noise.

Is there such a mechanism or plugin in Jenkins where we can realize such features? To be specific, we want to keep the tests there, and even when they fail, the build/stage status is still SUCCESS.

Ignoring the result of a test with a Jenkins configuration risks that the people who most need that information won’t see it. The people who should fix the test may never see that the Jenkins configuration was adapted to ignore the test. Usually it is better to record in the source control system that the test result should be ignored.

Ignoring a failing test is often a weaker choice than courageously deleting the test. If the test failure is not interesting enough to investigate, then it is probably not interested enough to run the test.