Prometheus Plugin increases CPU usage to 100%

I have the Prometheus plugin installed in my Jenkins instance and recently, after re-deploying Jenkins with the most recent plugin versions (other plugins) the Prometheus plugin started to spike the CPU usage to 100%, even when no builds are running. This causes Jenkins to be unresponsive a lot of times:

Did anyone face a similar issue?

have you checked the issue tracker (sidebar of the page)

yes, there is nothing there on this regard

Hello @joaoamaro and welcome to this community :wave:
How did you spot that it’s the Prometheus plugin that uses the CPU the most?
Did you install a metric plugin like Monitoring, or are you monitoring with htop or any other tool?

hi @poddingue. Thank you!
Yes, I have the Monitoring plugin installed. The image in my question is from that plugin, and this one as well where you can see the CPU usage when the Prometheus plugin is installed:

When I remove the Prometheus plugin, Jenkins runs fine and the CPU usage decreases to 1 or 2% when iddle.

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Thanks for the feedback.
You could maybe use a tool such as jps to find which thread is using all the CPU, and then maybe post a new issue on Prometheus’s GitHub repo.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll do as you suggest.