Problems to access Parameters of Job

Hi people. I create a parameterized job and I want to access the value of parameter, but I get the following error:

My job parameterized:

  1. My JenkinsFile

  2. My call

  3. My Pipeline.groovy

  4. My PipelineDevelop.groovy

Can anyone help me? "echo ${steps.params.ambiente}"

Hi @mawinter69.
I tried this, but I got the same error:

I don’t know what might be missing.

I need to import some package?

the way I have it is



def call(Object script) {
  def first = new Pipeline(script)


public class Pipeline implements Serializable {
  def Pipeline(script) {
  this.script = script

  def run() { "echo ${script.params.paramname}"

This is exactly as explained here: Extending with Shared Libraries

Hi @mawinter69.

I understand what was my wrong.
Ex: callPipeline(this).

Thanks again.