Problem with new installation on Oracle 8.6

Hi all
I have deployed an instance of v2.319.3.4-1.1 Jenkins, which runs with Nginx as reverse proxy on the same VM with one build agent, both on Oracle Linux 8.6 with Java 11 on both. I also have a load of plugins that also get deployed. This is an air-gapped environment and the exact same ansible playbook deploys the same jenkins version and plugins and configuration in a different air-gapped environment, except it is running on RHEL 8.6 instead of Oracle.
I am able to login with the initialpassword and create the first admin user. When I am in Manage Jenkins, I can open certain options, for example, System Information or the logs but most options when clicked will result in the generic “something went wrong” error. I tried different deployments but it ends up with the same errors. This is the common error in the logs.
Multiple unhandled exceptions
java.lang.AssertionError: InstanceIdentity is missing its singleton

Do you know how I get past this issue?

Hello @john_l and welcome to this community :wave:

Would you have any other logs to share?

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately sharing logs is an issue, as it’s a classified system and it’s also air-gapped.
Since posting my question, I’ve found out that the working instance is running on a system that doesn’t have FIPS enabled, but the new system does have FIPS enabled and from another article I found, it seems that this version, 2.319, isn’t compliant with FIPS, so it looks like I need to make a newer version of Jenkins work, which comes with its own issues, as both systems are meant to be running the same version and plugins.

Thanks again.