Possibility of using SSH Connectivity using generic login

We have a common user ID(service account) and we are doing ‘asu’ to connect putty server. Is there a possibility to connect with that common user ID in Jenkins NODE creation and while launching node with SSH.

We have a restricted access to the service account, so we cant directly connect or do any operations.
Example: Currently we are connecting with Individual User ID in Jenkins Node Creation and we are having problems with permissions and creation of file with individual user ID.

Can you give a bit more information on what you are trying to do and what is failing? You have a user account that you want to use when setting up a node, is that correct? Can that user account login to the system you want to setup as a node?

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Yes, we have a service account that we want to use in Jenkins node creation. But we are doing “asu” to login with this user in Putty.

With this node we are copying a file from one shared path to another shared path in Putty server. We have used SSH with individual user ID to create the node and its copying the file with same individual User ID.

We need to use our generic account for this purpose. Please suggest how to use.


If you want to node to run as the generic user, you would need to have a private key or similar and setup the node to launch under that user account. I don’t know what “asu” is. I assume when you say “Putty server” you mean an ssh server?