Platform SIG October 7, 2022


Oct 7, 2022 - Containers, Java 11, Java 17, Contributor Summit


  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten



  • Open action items:
    • Agents of on ppc64le - disable them
      • Loaner computers for ppc64le are gone
        • IBM suspended the loaner machine program
      • Action item - drop all mention of ppc64le in our infra and docs
        • Platformlabeler has already dropped support
        • Mark create tasks for and more
  • Container image deprecation for the blueocean container (jenkinsci:blueocean)
    • Need to announce the deprecation of the image
      • Update the page on Dockerhub
      • Add to a Jenkins LTS changelog or upgrade guide?
      • Add a disclaimer to one or more pages on
        • Update the 2017 Blue Ocean blog post with deprecation notice?
        • content/blog/2017/01/2017-01-13-blueocean-dev-log-jan.adoc
    • Find a way to communicate the deprecation to users and admins
      • Jenkins administrative monitor that checks for specific container content?
    • Report it on it regularly in Platform SIG meetings
    • Create an issue that proposes the deprecation and the needed steps
    • Not likely to make progress until November
  • Container repository management for Jenkins agents
    • Progress to report - Damien Duportal progressing towards unifying repositories
    • Simplifying the release process
      • Multiple repositories and multiple images from those repositories
      • Releases are complicated unnecessarily
        • Adding arm64 for docker images was too complicated
    • Combining the repositories to simplify image management
      • Need more detailed plan and design
      • Cannot drop support for the existing containers
        • Retain the container structure, but remain compatible
    • Separate repository for Jenkins agents with tools installed
      • Not actively maintained, many of the containers are still using Java 8, won’t work with most recent LTS, they need to be upgraded
        • Download metrics are available from Dockerhub, could use those measure to prioritize the effort
    • Topic for discussion at Jenkins Contributor Summit or near the Summit
  • Require Java 11 or newer for Jenkins core
    • Ongoing minor tasks
      • Dropping Java 8 from the Docker agents - merged, not yet released
      • Plugins beginning to require Java 11, ongoing process
    • Many resources available to help users as they upgrade
  • Java 17 support in Jenkins
    • Ongoing, a few recent reports, working well
    • Jenkins infra planning to put one or more of the infra machines on JDK 17
    • Timeline indicates end of Java 11 first level maintenance Sep 2023, security fixes for several more years after end of first level maintenance
    • More than 11 000 Java 17 installs reporting worldwide with Jenkins in September
  • Contributor Summit remix / rework
    • Planned for an all day in-person event, not happening
    • All-day event online event not effective
    • Break it into 3 segments, two hours with specific topics
      • Document has started to discuss topics and themes for the segments
      • Mark to share the document, discussion
        • Segment 1 - SIG reports and User experience
        • Segment 2 - Security and supply chain
        • Segment 3 - User presentations and other topics