Platform SIG May 09, 2023



  • Open Action Items:
    • Docker Images
      • Container image deprecation for the blue ocean container (jenkinsci:blueocean)
        • - no tags
        • Docker - has
        • Need to announce the deprecation of the image
          • Update the page on Dockerhub
          • Add to a Jenkins LTS changelog or upgrade guide?
          • Add a disclaimer to one or more pages on
        • Find a way to communicate the deprecation to users and admins
          • Jenkins administrative monitor that checks for specific container content?
        • Report it on it regularly in Platform SIG meetings
        • Create an issue that proposes the deprecation and the needed steps => Mark Waite?
  • Ongoing:
    • Work on code factorization by Damien Duportal
      • Target to have a single repo for all agent images, because all agents have common ground (git package, …). It’s a lot of work when a CVE has to be fixed for example.
      • The first step is to find code duplication inside each of these repositories, for JDK for example. Sometimes, the dockerfile is strictly the same, except for the JDK version.
      • This is a draft status, but progressing well
      • The next step could be merging inbound agent and agent as they already inherit from each other. That would solve the problem of blocked release (like for Kenneth’s work on ppc64le).
      • We’ll wait for the ssh-agent, as we’ll have a discussion about the versioning system that could take some time.
  • What has been done?
    • Ppc64le: nice progress. Thank you so much for your contribution Kenneth!
      • docker-agent: PR merged
      • docker-ssh-agent : PR merged
      • Inbound-agent: PR merged
      • Controller PR done too, not merged yet
    • Latest updates on the docker images:
      • Ssh-agent release 5.0.0… Breaking changes!
        • breaking!: drop support for JDK8 (#238) @dduportal
          JDK11 is now the default JDK for running the Jenkins agent.
          If you still need JDK8 for building your application, please install it with Jenkins tools or by customizing the image:
          FROM eclipse-temurin:8-jdk-focal as jdk8
          FROM jenkins/ssh-agent:
          COPY --from=jre-build /opt/java/openjdk /opt/java/openjdk-8
        • Bump Git version on Windows to (#236) @github-actions
        • Use JDK 11.0.19 and JDK 17.0.7 (#237) @MarkEWaite
      • Docker-agent release 3107.v665000b_51092-10
        • Bump Git version on Windows to (#407) @github-actions
        • Use JDK 11.0.19 and JDK 17.0.7 (#408) @MarkEWaite
        • Bump archlinux from base-20230409.0.141585 to base-20230430.0.146624 in /11/archlinux (#412) @dependabot
        • Bump debian from bullseye-20230411 to bullseye-20230502 in /11/bullseye (#411) @dependabot
      • Docker inbound agent release 3107.v665000b_51092-7 Latest
        • Bump the parent image jenkins/agent version to 3107.v665000b_51092-9 (#346) @github-actions
        • Adding ppc64le builds for docker-inbound-agent (#339) @ksalerno99
        • chore(windows tests) improve harness (docker flags and commands) (#344) @dduportal
        • chore(updatecli) fix deprecated syntax for 0.47.x line (#338) @dduportal
        • cleanup(windows) remove custom user (feature parity with Linux and delegating to parent image) (#343) @dduportal
      • Docker Hub stats