Platform SIG Jun 6, 2023


Jun 6, 2023



  • Damien Duportal
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Kenneth Salerno
  • Mark Waite


  • Open Action Items:

    • Docker Images
      • Container image deprecation for the blue ocean container (jenkinsci:blueocean)
        • - no tags
        • Docker - has
        • Need to announce the deprecation of the image
          • Update the page on Dockerhub
          • Add to a Jenkins LTS changelog or upgrade guide?
          • Add a disclaimer to one or more pages on
        • Report it on it regularly in Platform SIG meetings
        • Create an issue that proposes the deprecation and the needed steps => Mark Waite?
          • Merged in 2.407 and first fix is in 2.409. Well done, Mark!
  • Ongoing:

    • Work on Alpine images to use updatecli and jlink by Damien Duportal and Bruno Verachten. Not progressing, paused
    • CentOS 7 early end of life
      • Warn users when operating system approaching end of life
        • Blog post now visible
        • Pull request was merged and is part of 2.407
          • Visible in weekly centos7 container images May 30, 2023
        • First visible in LTS 2.413.x 23 Aug 2023
        • CentOS 7 no longer supported in Jenkins after Nov 16, 2023
          • Nov 16, 2023 is the likely date for 2.425.1
      • Remaining work
        • Replace centos7 usages in our Jenkins controller containers
          • Complicated one, as we’re using the JDK by Temurin on top of Centos7
          • If we’re using jlink, moving to another Centos derivative should not be a problem (thinking of UBI)
          • We could also use multistage build, but with downloading the binaries from Temurin then jlink
          • Draft PR opened for discussion, shows it is feasible, shows we can create images from direct distribution (tar.gz), not just the multi-stage from container by Temurin
          • Proposed to close it for now, know we have it if needed
    • Proposal to switch Alma Linux container from 8 to 9
      • Closed pull request based on feedback from Oliver Gondza
        • Already have a container with UBI 9 and JDK 17, use it
      • Very interesting discussion in the pull request that has been closed
  • What has been done?

    • Latest updates on the docker images:
      • Ssh-agent release 5.3.0
  • chore(deps): bump updatecli/updatecli-action from 2.29.0 to 2.30.0 (#253) @dependabot

  • chore(deps): bump debian from bullseye-20230502 to bullseye-20230522 in /debian (#254) @dependabot

  • chore(deps): bump updatecli/updatecli-action from 2.28.2 to 2.29.0 (#250) @dependabot

  • Docker-agent release 3107.v665000b_51092-16

    • Bump Git version on Windows to (#432) @github-actions
    • chore(deps): bump updatecli/updatecli-action from 2.28.2 to 2.30.0 (#431) @dependabot
  • Docker inbound agent: no new release

    • There should be an updatecli update this week
  • Docker Hub stats

    • Exports are anonymous, so having a shared spreadsheet would be reasonable.
    • Damien proposes to start the document, and discuss it later on
    • Is it possible to have a page on the Docker hub when an image is removed from the registry? This way, we could let users know the image they’re using is deprecated. Could we get information from the Docker team?