Platform SIG January 16, 2024



  • Open Action items
    • BlueOcean Docker container - needs to communicate its deprecation
      • Low priority, not a worry for Mark right now
    • Kevin check for Python and Alpine interaction in the tutorials
      • Didn’t find any instances where it was provided, so nothing to change or update as far as the documentation
  • Java 21 support - 2+2+2 Java Support Plan
    • Jenkins enhancement proposal by Mark Waite submitted and being reviewed
      • Needs more details before it is merged
    • Are there still stale PRs waiting to be reviewed/merged?
      • Mark Waite has already pinged some maintainers to get merged.
        • Mark looked at the specific maintainers and mentioned them in the comments. Direct reach-out seemed to have worked.
        • 3 opened for Mark with reminders and all that, but no progress…
        • Many still waiting for merge, the plugin maintainers haven’t merged them. Bruno will try Mark’s technique, and Bruno will get in touch with Mark to replay the failed pipelines with the right Jenkinsfile
  • Released work on agent and controller images
  • Work in progress on images:
  • Jenkins Artifactory bandwidth reduction project results
    • Completed, ⅓ savings of bandwidth expected, minimal impact to developers
    • Final measurements needed
    • Still finding some minor issues, resolving them as we find them.
    • The logs files were analyzed, no consumption of sonatype repo
  • Docker-based quickstart tutorials
    • The maven one got merged!
  • How to handle operating system updates to Jenkins core?
    • Do we want a reminder, an entry on the agenda, or something else?
    • Let’s put in this SIG meeting agenda, targeting every 6 months.