Platform SIG January 13, 2023



  • Open action items:

    • Find a better time for this meeting. Doodle works fine for us, make a post in community and then.
    • Revisit the platform support containers
      • Fix Windows 2019
      • We have to maintain the 2 architectures at the same time, as they are not compatible. 2022 is the new “LTS”
      • What about our support? Is it worth our time? Windows container support is not going to disappear, even if not as popular as Linux containers.
        We should maybe ask the community about it. Is anyone using them? It is required for build agents nonetheless, so we have to use them anyway.
        We already have the fraction of the controllers running on Windows… We should have the look at it. It may not be published, but may exist somewhere.
    • Damien Duportal:
      • Check Docker image download statistics per platform/version
      • Check statistics for the archlinux Docker image to check if needed or not for agents. Only a few downloads compared to 10+ millions downloads for others. We’ll need to communicate on the future of this image. It only exists as a basic docker agent, even not in the form of the inbound-agent.
        Could we get more information from the Docker hub?
        We could announce the deprecation in a blog post
      • There is strong interest in gathering and exploiting statistics.Adrien Lecharpentier and Jean-Marc Meessen are working on this subject.
        Infra could offer that kind of tool: Grafana connected to PostegreSQL could be useful. Why Grafana? Anyone can authenticate through LDAP account.
        Basil Crow made a tool that converts the jenkins update center data to a database so that we can search in it thanks to SQL sentences.
      • Open issue for “merging” docker agent repositories into a single one
      • Some tags for inbound-agent still sport the “-preview” label for JDK17
  • Docker Images

    • New platforms:
      • Windows 2022 available thanks to Stéphane (with an Azure VM AWS VM are coming)
      • Add Wolfie?
      • Deprecate ArchLinux?
      • Experiments with RISC-V agents with JDK17 (OpenJDK 64-Bit Zero VM (build 17.0.5+8-Ubuntu-2ubuntu122.04, interpreted mode)), JDK19 and JDK20 nightlies from Temurin
    • Container image deprecation for the blueocean container (jenkinsci:blueocean)
      • Damien proposed two meetings ago to update the image a very last time, with a 10 seconds sleep at the very beginning in the entrypoint, then a very informative message giving the status, and then another round of 10 seconds waiting
      • Need to announce the deprecation of the image
        • Update the page on Dockerhub
        • Add to a Jenkins LTS changelog or upgrade guide?
        • Add a disclaimer to one or more pages on
          • Update the 2017 Blue Ocean blog post with deprecation notice?
          • content/blog/2017/01/2017-01-13-blueocean-dev-log-jan.adoc
      • Find a way to communicate the deprecation to users and admins
        • Jenkins administrative monitor that checks for specific container content?
      • Report it on it regularly in Platform SIG meetings
      • Create an issue that proposes the deprecation and the needed steps => who?
      • Not likely to make progress until …
      • Repository: blueocean-plugin/Dockerfile at 30327e11745b253238e3127aaf61cc1c3e428f22 · jenkinsci/blueocean-plugin · GitHub
    • Container repository management for Jenkins agents
      • Merge all repositories into a single repository
    • Windows: It’s been one year that the controller docker images are not up to date (both LTS and the other one) for Windows (we supply the 2.356 version).
      • One person volunteered to help with this issue
      • Should we propose to end this image?
      • We have to investigate. Is it valuable enough for the community to keep updating it?
  • Debian 12 (“bookworm”) will not deliver OpenJDK 11

    • Debian 12 is planned for release in 2023
    • Includes OpenJDK 17 package, but not an OpenJDK 11 package
      • Affects installation instructions
      • Does not affect Docker containers
        • Docker containers use Eclipse Temurin JDK
    • Docker container transition from Debian 11 to Debian 12
  • JDK Support for Jenkins

  • Agent enabled on for s390x - part of help desk ticket

    • Java 11
    • Java 17
  • Old inbound-agent published as "latest" · Issue #3318 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub opened by a contributor, followed by the team. The infra team will act upon the faulty job (that publishes the old version). It has been prioritized in this week infra team meeting

  • Minor update of agent images including Alpine 3.17.1 and archlinux

  • LTS 2.375.2 went fine Update,, and to latest LTS version 2.375.2 · Issue #3334 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub

  • JDK19 available (and we’re thinking JDK20 because 19 is almost end of life) for edge testing

Maven 3.8.7 available globally Maven 3.8.7 · Issue #3333 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub