People View plugin very slow

Since version 2.452, the People View function has been removed, but is available with the new People View plugin.
In my company, we have 7 jenkins instances (deployed in a k8s cluster dedicated to CI/CD).
The problem appears when accessing the dashboard page (after the login screen)
Without the plugin, the dashboard page is displayed in 6 seconds maximum.
With the plugin, the dashboard page on some jenkins takes almost 30 seconds to display.
And on one jenkins in particular, the dashboard page takes almost 3 minutes to display (resulting in several timeouts).
On this jenkins, the People View page displays 185 people (on our other jenkins, this same page displays between 100 and 150 people).
I should point out that these slownesses were absent in versions prior to 2.452, and we don’t have any more people today.
Once the dashboard is displayed correctly, it’s ok, you can disconnect and come back to it; it will be displayed in the correct time.
But if you want to display it much later (30 / 60 minutes) the slowness problem reappears.
Are you experiencing this problem too ?
NB: I had to uninstall the people-view plugin as a workaround so as not to penalize users of our jenkins servers.

see and [JENKINS-73185] Split Action for sidepanel from actual content by daniel-beck · Pull Request #2 · jenkinsci/people-view-plugin · GitHub

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