Not on Controller JVM - publish over ssh

Hi all

Just upgraded to Jenkins LTS 2.414.1 running on Centos 7.9 Java 11.0.19 … using publish over SSH 2.50 rolled back to 2.40. No effect.

Sadly our post-upgrade tests failed…in they worked :frowning:

We then discovered 2x issues with:
Publish over SSH (likely with publish over)
And even running vault plugin??

We cannot send any artefacts unless they are on the “Controller node” aka built-in node.

Java.lang.illegalStateException: Not running on the Jenkins controller JVM

A work around:
Your upload part of your pipeline:
Node(“built-in”) {

Script here


Message is as it says. Runs only on the Built in node…aka the exact opposite of what we want to do.
apologies in advance if wrongly tagged/posted

Jenkins setup:

Skip using the old PublishOver plugins, instead just use ssh from a shell step.

I got it.

A parent plugin credentials-bindi g implemented a security fix that forces a check checkJenkinsJVM.

That check only succeeds on the “built-in” node.
#this goes against everything Jenkins is telling their users.

Another solution/work around. That plugin step run on the Built in node.

Otherwise you need to downgrade credentials-binding from 636. To 626