Meeting lead for UX SIG Wed Dec 7, 2022?

I will be unable to lead the UX SIG meeting that is scheduled for this Wednesday, Dec 7, 2022. I’ll be out of the office Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Is there a volunteer willing to lead the meeting in my place?

See the draft meeting agenda for the proposed topics.

I’m around and can take over, do you mind adding me to the google doc, please?

Is there anything else I’d need too?


I’ve added you as an editor of the document.

You’ll need to start the Zoom meeting, enable recording in the Zoom meeting, and take notes during the meeting. I’ll upload the recording and the notes a day or two after the meeting completes.

I can help with uploading the recording to YouTube.
Unfortunately, I have a meeting at the very same time so won’t be able to attend this time.
Thanks a bunch, Alexander.

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Sounds feasible, I can get that done.

I don’t think I can start the meeting URL the calendar points to, can I?

I’ve proposed in the Jenkins Developers list that you be given access to the Jenkins Zoom account so that you can start and record Zoom meetings. If that approval doesn’t arrive in time, I believe that Tim Jacomb can start the meeting.

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I will be around and can help out if needed.

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