Loadbalancer for Jenkins and kubernetes

Hi All,
I have External jenkins controller, with jenkins agents as pods on kubernetes cluster (using jenkins kubernetes plugin)

My company is using kubernetes pods as jenkins build agents, and plan on setting up loadbalancer as number of jenkins controller and kubernetes cluster will increase in future ,additionally, I want to control the load distribution on kubernetes.
The concept of build-in load balancer ( ScoringLoadBalancer) does not interests me. I am not interested in creating my own plugin as the maintainance is additional task when we upgrade to new jenkins version.
I aim on deploying HAProxy for this purpose, but I cannot find any help or source. All the articles provide info on HAProxy as reverse proxy for jenkins. Multiple jenkins controllers should distribute load onto multiple clusters via HAProxy. Is there any way or resouces that can help me in this scenario??
PS: Kubernetes is on-premise air-gapped environment.

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance