Kubernetes plugin's "retries" option and parallelsAlwaysFailFast()

Is it possible to combine “retries” option of kubernetes plugin with Jenkins parallelsAlwaysFailFast() ?

When I set both in Jenkinsfile as follows:

pipeline {
    options { parallelsAlwaysFailFast() }
    stages {
        stage('test') {
            matrix {
                axes { axis { ... }}
                stages {
                    stage('integration') {
                        agent {
                            kubernetes {
                                retries 2

I expected that a stage fails after exceeding max retries(=2) then whole jenkins job fails because of parallelsAlwaysFailFast.

However, it actually behaves that a stage fails once before exceeding max retries(=2) then immediately whole jenkins job fails (because of parallelsAlwaysFailFast ?).

Does this mean kubernetes “retries” option can not be used with parallelsAlwaysFailFast ?

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