Kubernetes as build agent upgrading to 2.361.1

we are using kubernetes as build agent. we are trying to update to 2.361.1 so my question is can I able to use java8 based container to perform the build task. if yes can you let me know how? or if not, can you share me alternatives?

Hello @skb and welcome to this community.

I haven’t yet tried Kubernetes as a build agent, but if you are referring to the mandatory use of JDK11 for agents, nothing forces you to use JDK11 for your builds done thanks to this agent… You can have JDK8 alongside JDK11 for your builds.
There are quite a few threads in here about that.

the jnlp container needs to match the controller in terms of java version
but you can have multiple containers in kubernetes agents, or you can extend the jnlp agent to add java8 as well, but you can’t run the agent with java 8 if the controller is java 11.