Jenkins triggers errors in Git credential manager

I have an instance of Jenkins running, and all my builds are working as expected (triggering on checking, building, etc). However when looking at the event viewer in Windows I see a lot of errors (mutiple per second) stating “Failed to retrieve Azure Directory credentials for ‘’.”.

The Azure credentials are entered correctly in Jenkins.
If I stop the Jenkins instance the errors also stop, so I assume it is Jenkins causing this. I would also assume that some builds are causing this behaviour, but all builds work as expected.

Anybody an idea what could be causing this?

The Git for Windows installer offers a setting that integrates it with git credentials for Windows.

The git client plugin documentation says:

Git for Windows is able to integrate with the Windows Credentials Manager for secure storage of credentials. Windows Credentials Manager works very well for interactive users on the Windows desktop. Windows Credentials Manager does not work as well for batch processing in the git client plugin. It is best to disable Windows Credentials Manager when installing Git on Jenkins agents running Windows.

That can be done by installing MinGit for Windows (does not include git credentials for Windows - like MinGit 2.40.0) or by disabling git credentials for Windows when installing git for Windows. Refer to the MinGit description for more details


But GIT is already installed and I’m very hesitant to uninstall and reinstall it. Furthermore it is working correctly from within Jenkins, it just creates a lot of these errors that don’t seem to impact anything.

I just want to get rid of these errors.

I’m sure there are one or more registry keys or other settings that enable and disable git credentials manager for Windows. Find those and you can disable it.