Jenkins support for Ubuntu 16.0.4


Just a quick preventative question on if there were any plans to remove machine images for Ubuntu 16.0.4 in the near future. Hopefully not, was just curious so we can prepare accordingly.

Does 16.04 even support systems? Cannonical stopped supporting 16.04 a year ago

I don’t think Jenkins project tests anything that old. So I don’t think there’s a plan to drop support for it, but there’s also guarantee it’ll stay working

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If by “machine images for Ubuntu 16.04” you mean the Jenkins Linux deb format installer as described in the installing Linux page

then we don’t plan to remove those installers. The same installer is used for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 10, Debian 11, and other Debian-based distributions.

The deb and rpm based installers were recently updated to manage the services with systemd instead of System V init.

If you’re asking about support of Jenkins running on Ubuntu 16.04, then the answer is “we do not support Jenkins on Ubuntu 16.04”. Ubuntu 16.04 is no longer supported by Canonical. We don’t test Ubuntu 16.04 in our test automation because we don’t test operating systems that are not supported by the operating system provider. See the Linux operating system support policy if you have more questions about that detail.

If by “machine images for Ubuntu 16.04” you mean the Jenkins Docker images, then we don’t deliver any Jenkins Docker images that use Ubuntu as a base operating system. The Docker images provided by the Jenkins project are listed on Dockerhub at