Jenkins Static Node Agent connectivity to Master Controller Deployed on EKS with Apache Tomcat 9

Hello Jenkins Community Leaders,

We have deployed our Jenkins appliction on EKS Cluster with Apache Tomcat 9 and Jenkins version is Version 2.414.1.

We having created the Application LB for HTTP and HTTPS redirection and target group respectively for Port 80 and 443. We are able to connect to dynamic agent agent using kubernetes plugin and we are able to initiate the job successfully.

Now we are blocked on the Static Agent connecitivty which we are trying to connect from outside the Cluster ( eg. connecting the node from EC2 instance) and we are unable to get succeeded.

Tried adding the network load balancer with TCP for port 50000 and added that LB for tunneling as well.

But no luck.

Can you kindly let me know how it can be proceeded further.
Since we are using tomcat, the websocket will not work out and we want this implementation with tomcat only without using websocket.