Jenkins pod not accessible when i use nginx ingress path: /jenkins

Jenkins setup:

I have successfully hosted Two Jenkins Controller pods on Kubernetes cluster.
Plan is to have 4 jenkins controller servers on k8s cluster.
Problem is:
When I use (path: / ) it accessible in browser through URL (

But If I wanted to change ( path: /jenkins ) , it return 404 Not Found error.


I gone through multiple annotation combination and related articles on internet. but couldn’t find any answer:
Why Jenkins pod runs over '/ ’ path & doesn’t accessible on ‘/jenkins’ path.


  1. Add name & value in environment of deployment.
    - name: JENKINS_OPTS
    value: “- -prefix=/jenkins1 --httpListenAddress= --httpsListenAddress=”

  2. Add same name in liveness & readiness section in deployment.
    path: “/jenkins1/login”

  3. update ingress annotation

accessible now… url / jenkins1