Jenkins - LDAP/Active Directory Plugin Issues || Upgrade issue

Hey folks,
I am trying to upgrade Active Directory Plugin for Jenkins. We are getting below Error. Kindly suggest.

Please, when pasting an error message, paste the text of the message so that others can copy that text and can find that text with a web search. When you embed a picture of a stack trace, you make the page less useful for others.

That message likely indicates that you’re behind some form of corporate network system that blocks your access to the Jenkins mirrors. The URL for that plugin is and the mirror list can be seen through

When I open that link, I see a page like this:

When you open that URL, you’ll see the mirrors that are nearest to your address.

I am able to download package on my system. How to update Jenkins plugin.
Right now we are using Jenkins Own DB for user authentication. we are migrating it to AD. and thus need to update AD plugin. Also. Can you pease help me know the process to migrate user. This now. we have created AD group and access request. next we are migrating user and once done we need to change configuration in jenkis level.

are you able to manually download the hpi file to you local machine? what about while on the work network?
latest release: Active Directory Plugin v2.33
Mark suggests that your Jenkins Server can not access the required files out on the internet.

How to update the plugin is thru the “<jenkins_url>/managePlugins” page. the workflow will reach out externally to the repos and get required files. Depending on your version of Jenkins, if you can get the file on your computer, you can install a plugin from that hpi file

more information on the process Managing Plugins