Jenkins installation on GKE cluster

Hi community,
I’m planning to setup Jenkins application end to end on Google’s GKE cluster. Any leads are highly appreciated. I have good knowledge on Kubernetes, but I’m new to Jenkins setup (although I have used it as a user in the past but never administered it) :slight_smile:

Hello @shafemoh and welcome to this community :wave:

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

Hi @poddingue Thanks for sharing the links.

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Hi @poddingue I followed the Jenkins official website for installing Jenkins on K8s. Thanks a lot. Although I couldn’t see anywhere saying this but does Jenkins need any external database (like how other CI tools like Bamboo recommends using postgres, mysql,…) ? If yes, how to configure it, any documentation?

OR is it that Jenkins already has inbuilt database (which I didn’t see or missed seeing)? And how to configure it, any documentation?


Jenkins doesn’t use a database per say. All of its configuration and runtime data is on disk as .xml files.

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Jenkins “Core” doesn’t use a database, but we received an alert,

The Pipeline Maven Plugin is currently using an embedded H2 database. A production grade database, MySQL or PostgreSQL, should be used

So, it’s quite possible that depending on your plugin configuration (not just this plugin), an external database may be required/ recommended

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