Jenkins install IBMCLOUD CLI

Hello team,

Is there a way to install IBM Cloud CLI inside Jenkins using plugin because i need to check vulnerability issues .

The IBM Cloud CLI web page suggests that installation is performed with a single curl command. It is almost always much better to place that curl command into your job definition than to have a separate plugin that needs to maintained and upgraded.

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Hi @MarkEWaite we are not able to install ibmcloud cli we are getting this error Superuser privileges are required to run this script.

Since the script requires superuser privileges, you’ll need to be the root user to install it. Usually that means the computer that hosts the agent should have the script installed before you use it as an agent. How you do that depends on how your agents are provisioned.

In my case, I use static agents, so I install various tools (JDK 8, JDK 11, JDK 17, JDK 19, JDK 20, Maven 3.9.3, …) when I configure the computer that hosts the agent.

On the machine where ephemeral agents are created as virtual machines, the various tools are installed in a virtual machine definition using Packer. When Jenkins asks for a new virtual machine, the virtual machine already has the tools installed.

On the machine where ephemeral agents are also available with containers, the tools are installed in the container images. When Jenkins starts the agent in a container, the tools are already defined inside the container image.

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