Jenkins in Kubernetes, how to setup a dynamic pvc workspace?

Some of my builds are failing and I can see the error is that its running out of ephemeral storage. This looks like it is due to creating a workspace using memory on the worker node which the node is low on. I could increase the amount of memory dedicate to Jenkins, but what I’d like to do is use a pvc for the workspace.

I can see in the documentation to do this under configuring the cloud where the pod is defined. Workspace Volume → Dynamic Persistent Volume Claim → Storage Class Name, Requests Size, Access Modes .

I’ve filled out the fields but it doesn’t look like Jenkins is trying to create the workspace pvc. I wonder, could it be permissions related? I’m not sure how to proceed. The cluster is one I setup myself using kubeadm and I do not believe there are any permissions in place to block anything.

I’m stuck on the same thing but I cant increase the memory.
Did you succeeded to create the Dynamic Persistent Volume Claim?

I’ve succeeded creating the pvc (it does needs an update role on the cluster), it looks like it’s mounted to all the containers but the error still shows