Jenkins in Kubernetes, how to setup a dynamic pvc workspace?

Some of my builds are failing and I can see the error is that its running out of ephemeral storage. This looks like it is due to creating a workspace using memory on the worker node which the node is low on. I could increase the amount of memory dedicate to Jenkins, but what I’d like to do is use a pvc for the workspace.

I can see in the documentation to do this under configuring the cloud where the pod is defined. Workspace Volume → Dynamic Persistent Volume Claim → Storage Class Name, Requests Size, Access Modes .

I’ve filled out the fields but it doesn’t look like Jenkins is trying to create the workspace pvc. I wonder, could it be permissions related? I’m not sure how to proceed. The cluster is one I setup myself using kubeadm and I do not believe there are any permissions in place to block anything.