Jenkins Home Directory Redhat VM

In Jenkins 2.361.1 on Redhat I am wanting to change the Home Directory. I have performed the following steps with no success:

  1. Stopped jenkins service
  2. Made new home directory
  3. Copied all data from old home directory to new directory and updated permissions.
  4. sudo usermod -d /new/home/directory/jenkins_home jenkins
  5. Update Jenkins config where JENKINS_HOME variable is set in /etc/sysconfig/jenkins
  6. Start Jenkins service

When I open Jenkins application it shows the Home directory as the default (var/lib/jenkins)
What am I missing?


Hi there,

Jenkins 2.332.1 switched Jenkins from using System V init to use systemd with its Linux package installers for Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Alma, openSUSE, Rocky, and more. The LTS Upgrade Guide describes that transition and how to adapt your environment to the transition.

There is a blog post about it as well at

There is also a video introduction for RPM based distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux.

There is also a video introduction for deb based distributions like Debian and Ubuntu

Thank you! This is great information and I appreciate your quick reply!

Looks like I need to do the following, correct?
sudo systemctl edit jenkins
Change the ENVIRONMENT=“JENKINS_HOME=/new/home/directory/jenkins_home”

Do I also need to change the WorkingDirectory=/new/home/directory/jenkins_home ?


That sounds right. I havn’t messed with systemd files in a while, so i can’t be 100%

That worked so thank you for your help!!!